The Land of Israel is a country that may be small in size, but that is considered big for its biblical history and archeology.
As tour guides, it would be our pleasure to help you discover this wonderful yet challenging land. 
We bring Israel to life by taking you to the heart of the Land and to the true signification of its being. With our MA in Archeology and History, the stories and sites of the Bible are greatly enhanced! At the end of the tour you'll will feel enriched and will be thirsty for a second tour of Israel! 
Our special private and arranged tours will show you an Israel that you will never forget and that you will undoubtedly want to come visit again. We can arrange tours for small and large groups, as well as for families.
You can also design your own itinerary and let us know about it, we will arrange everything for you.
We hope you will enjoy every bit of your visit!
RATES: Our current fee is $420 per day of touring. 

It includes helping you to create an itinerary, book hotels and rent a car.

It doesn't include the meals and lodging in case of multiple days tours. You will be responsible for it. It doesn't include the entrance fees to the sites.

Deposit – A 20%, non-refundable deposit must be paid to book in days.